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Key Statistics

  • Profiler complements F5 Big-IP by providing additional layer of security
  • F5 signature and rule policies augmented by Cyberlytic adaptive security
  • Alerts triaged and incident response prioritised
  • Potential weaknesses highlighted
  • Increase ROI in existing security tools


Cyber Threat Profiler compliments F5 Big-IP to provide comprehensive web application security

Customer Case Study | Layered Defence Complimenting F5 Big-IP



Cyberlytic has successfully integrated its Profiler, AI-powered web application security product, with established enterprise customer networks, to provide security intelligence and the most comprehensive web application security available.  In several cases, customers have deployed F5 Big-IP, utilising its enterprise-class load balancing capability to effectively manage web traffic.  In most cases, SSL termination is handled by the F5, allowing deep packet inspection of web traffic prior to reaching the web server.  In some cases, the customer has extended the F5 use case to include Application Security Management (ASM), which provides configurable security policy and rule-based detection of web attacks.

The F5 and other enterprise application delivery controllers are critical components within an enterprise network environment.  However, as with most hardware centric solutions, the cost of deploying, configuring and subsequently maintaining these systems is prohibitive, and typically requires specialist engineers to implement changes.

Whilst our customers continue to rely on F5 Big-IP to perform load balancing and other proxy-based controls, they also require adaptive security that is not constrained by infrequent rule updates, to detect the most sophisticated attacks.

Combining F5 Big-IP ASM with the Cyber Threat Profiler offers the most comprehensive web application security available.


Mirrored, decrypted network traffic is sent to a Network Connector virtual appliance, which parses the data and presents the Profiler with enriched HTTP traffic.  The web traffic is analysed out-of-bound and any malicious activity detected by the Profiler’s advanced AI-powered analytics, is identified and raised as a risk to the SOC team, when certain characteristics are present.


Combining F5 Big-IP ASM with the Profiler helps prevent sophisticated attacks from compromising web services by combining the power of F5 with the adaptive security of Cyberlytic.  Out of date rules, mis-configurations and new threats are mitigated through a layered defence that uses AI.  Maintenance tasks are based on security intelligence and real-time risk assessment, minimising consultancy costs, but delivering complete web application security.

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