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  • Required advanced protection against sophisticated attacks
  • Efficiency of security team needed to be improved
  • Needed to minimise impact of threats on security team


  • “Hands-off” approach to security
  • Real-time detection of attacks
  • Compliance and easily accessible reporting

Client and Sector

Bassadone Automotive Group, E-Commerce

Customer Case Study | Protecting an Automotive E-Commerce Website from Online Threats


Business Background

Bassadone Automotive Group is a leading European supplier of motor vehicles based in Gibraltar with a history that can be dated back to 1904. As the manufacturer appointed distributor of brands including Toyota, Honda and Peugeot in Gibraltar, Bassadone is a highly-regarded brand, known for its personal touch customer-service. It is for this reason that cybersecurity has been a key focus in the company strategy, to ensure the highest levels of protection for customer data and responsibility to the manufacturers it represents. The company required a solution that would provide them with advanced web threat detection to protect against attacks aimed at their public-facing retail website.


The challenge was to implement an additional, enhanced layer of security to protect the website.  The solution needed to complement Bassadone’s existing web application firewall (WAF) and security controls which the company had previously invested in. Bassadone recognised the shortfalls of signature-based protection and specified a non-traditional solution that could adapt to new threats without requiring analyst intervention. Minimising impact on the security team by providing actionable intelligence to reduce incident response time significantly was a priority. It was important that the solution could enable the security team to focus on high-risk threats and mitigate false positives, helping to maintain Bassadone’s excellent long-term reputation.

Bassadone opted for Cyberlytic’s patented approach to web application security, recognising machine learning as being more effective at identifying attacks than traditional security solutions and its ability to adapt to new or evolving threats without requiring human intelligence.


Cyberlytic’s Profiler combines deep packet inspection with machine learning to detect web-based attacks in real-time.  It was vital for Bassadone to find a tool that provided an additional layer of security over its existing reactive, signature-dependent WAFs and chose the Profiler because of its ability to augment existing security controls, as well as its simple deployment and ‘hands-off’ detection.

The software was easily installed as a virtual appliance and immediately started searching for high-risk threats.  The Profiler’s machine learning algorithms meant no configuration was required after deployment and the software instantly began to identify threats, notifying the security team of any serious, sophisticated attacks that required immediate response. Bassadone were able to benefit from the Profiler’s real-time detection and actionable intelligence, as well as its compliance reporting tool, which they now use for providing board visibility; demonstrating successful compliance and web defence.


Bassadone is now protected against even the most advanced web threats due to the Profiler’s unique approach to identifying attacks by using machine learning to automatically adapt to evolving threats without requiring human intervention. Cyberlytic's self-learning technology complements Bassadone’s existing security systems by reducing response times with real-time alerts to high-risk attacks, thereby increasing return on investment of existing resources. When the Profiler detects an attack, Bassadone can now use the information presented to make configuration changes to their existing WAF, increasing their protection. Dynamic compliance reporting demonstrates web threat protection to Bassadone executives and supports the company’s compliance requirements. The Profiler dramatically reduces the workload of the security team and enables them to focus on the most dangerous attacks; reducing response times to seconds therefore, preventing dangerous web attacks.


“As we improve our online services for our customers with the ability to shop for vehicles via our busiest group website, we require peace of mind that we will be alerted quickly in order to stop incoming attacks. We now feel we have that with the Profiler, as well as insightful reports we can access any time and present at board level.

We instantly detected three SQL-injection attacks that got through our firewall when the Profiler was first installed and were able to then patch the firewall for future protection.”

Albert Marsden, IT Director Bassadone Automotive Group

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