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Key Statistics

  • Fast deployment
  • No configuration
  • Instant protection and triage
  • Complements existing systems
  • Compliance "risk" reporting for senior management assurance


Cyberlytic's self-learning cyber security product, protecting data science company.

Customer Case Study | Protecting Global Data Analytics Company



Tessella is a world class centre for analytics and data science consultancy. Tessella finds and creates pragmatic solutions to complex business and technical challenges for some of the world's most forward-thinking organisations.

As a provider of complex solutions to leading organisations, Tessella understands the importance of implementing effective cyber security policy and tools to mitigate threats from an array of threat actors and attack vectors.  As such, the company deploys a layered defence and applies advanced analytics to mitigate security risks. The company takes steps to ensure data is protected from cyber-attack. Tessella needed a solution that would protect against web injection attacks. As a high-tech organisation, Tessella is constantly looking to identify and work with the most advanced technologies, while maximising the ROI of its existing tools and security analysts. Tessella needed a solution that would work within its existing security setup, increase efficiency of its current resources and most importantly provide protection against even the most sophisticated attacks.


Recognising that relying on reactive signature-dependent WAFs was no longer sufficient, Tessella opted for Cyberlytic’s revolutionary solution. Cyberlytic’s Cyber Threat Profiler uses a patented threat classification approach that combines deep packet inspection with artificial intelligence to detect web-based attacks in real-time. The software was easily installed.  Semi-supervised and unsupervised machine learning meant no configuration was required and the Profiler instantly began to identify threats, highlighting serious, sophisticated attacks that required urgent response.

“Finding the best tools to make sure our networks are secure and our customer's data is protected is very important to us. Cyberlytic allows us to protect against the most sophisticated attacks, and to filter out the unsuccessful attacks that can safely be ignored. We particularly value the dynamic reporting feature, which allows us to demonstrate to our customers and ourselves that information stored on our networks is secure.” - Stephen Jackson, Head of Internal Systems, Tessella Limited

Tessella has benefited from the Profiler’s dynamic compliance reporting tool. Regular reports can be run to demonstrate compliance and successful web defence,  providing board visibility of the company’s web application security situation, using ‘risk’ as the common lexicon. 


Thanks to Cyberlytic's self-learning technology, Tessella is now confident that its web applications are secured against even the most sophisticated attacks. Cyberlytic’s solution has augmented Tessella’s existing security systems by reducing response times from high-risk attacks and thereby increasing ROI on existing resources. The compliance reports generated by the Profiler provide reassurance both to the Tessella security team, who can drill into the technical detail to ensure risks are effectively mitigated, and the Tessella board that have for the first time an operational risk assessment of website activity and any malicious events.

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