About Cyberlytic

Commissioned in 2013 by GCHQ and the UK Ministry of Defence, Cyberlytic applied artificial intelligence to combat the most sophisticated of web application threats, addressing the growing problem of high volumes of threat data. The company developed a unique risk-based approach and owns patents that relate to detection through real-time risk assessment and prioritisation of cyber-attacks.

Headquartered in London and with offices in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Cyberlytic works closely with the Centre for Secure IT (CSIT), part of Queen's University Belfast and is recognised as a GCHQ Cyber Academic Centre of Excellence.

Cyberlytic's executive team has extensive experience in cyber operations within highly secure government agencies, where national security is safeguarded. The company is supported by a rapidly growing team of cyber security experts, data scientists and developers; bringing unparalleled experience in protecting businesses and organisations against the most sophisticated web threats.

Cyberlytic Team

Stuart Laidlaw

Co-founder and CEO

St. John Harold

Co-founder and CTO

James Bromhead


Peter Parkanyi

Lead Security Architect

Owen Sims PhD

Lead Data Scientist

Rebecca Bourke

Marketing Manager

Darren Craig


Said Kenj

Senior Account Executive