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Cyberlytic wins Cambridge Wireless "Discovering Startups" award.

With over 200 high tech companies competing for the prestigious award, the judging panel consisting of tech companies such as Google and IBM, as well as venture capitalists,  selected Cyberlytic as the winner.

Interviewed after the event, Stuart Laidlaw, CEO of Cyberlytic made the following remarks:

What was the need you saw?

It has been widely publicised that a global shortage of cyber security professionals has caused businesses and governments to struggle to protect their systems and information against a rapidly increasing cyber threat. At the same time, cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated with conventional perimeter defences proving to be insufficient. The result is that security teams are becoming increasingly overwhelmed with the volume of attacks and that security breaches are becoming more frequent. Security teams need a way of prioritising their response in order to minimise the risk of compromise and the associated cost and reputational damage as a consequence.
Cyberlytic provides the Cyber Threat Profiler (CTP) which triages security alerts and enables security teams to respond immediately to the most dangerous attacks.

What technology innovations do you expect to see unfold going into 2016?

I think we are likely to see increased awareness and security advances/focus in cyber security of the Internet of Things (IoT) (everyday connected devices). I think this will help bring public awareness to cyber security in general.

Share a key lesson you have learnt over the last year?

We’ve learnt so many lessons over the last year. The biggest lesson is to spend time finding the right investors for your company, given the situation that you are in.

What’s your tip to stay informed about your industry?

Attend relevant networking groups and events regularly. Network, network, network.

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