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Artificial Intelligence: Redefining Healthcare Cybersecurity Practises

• AI will transform healthcare as we know it now. E.g. intelligent medical devices

• It also has the power to secure healthcare IT systems which are continually being attacked for patient/customer data

• Importance of risk management and being able to categorise risk of attacks in order to prioritise is key

• Security professionals require tools that help them react quickly to cyberattacks

• Reporting of cybersecurity at board level is now the norm

Cutting edge healthcare providers are using AI to improve the lives of patients, by deploying deep learning and machine learning to perform advanced medical functions. AI is being deployed to reduce the time and effort it takes to implement life-changing decisions. For example, IBM Watson launched a project called WatsonPaths to help physicians make more informed and accurate decisions faster and to cull new insights from electronic medical records (EMR).  Actionable intelligence, driven by AI is helping people make healthier choices and decisions, as data is now far more accessible than ever before. The potential use cases for AI in healthcare are vast and we are going to see further adoption of the technology within the sector over coming months and years.

Similarly, AI is being used within cyber security to improve prevention, detection and cure of an ever-growing wave of cyberattacks.  In cyber security, AI is being deployed in novel ways, such as; identifying anomalies in normal traffic patterns and proactively hunting potential threats that would ordinarily take years to process.  Cyberlytic has joined the AI revolution to help make cyberspace a safer place to operate.  Our software protects businesses by using AI to detect and triage attacks, allowing IT teams to resolve the most dangerous attacks first.

Cyberlytic’s web application security is particularly applicable to healthcare providers because of the data these organisations hold. Many health organisations have a public website which services citizens 24/7 and an online portal, making it imperative to secure the site and its personal data.  This data is highly valuable to hackers and organised criminals, who will use sophisticated attacks to steal it.  Our unique website and application security software uses AI to analyse huge volumes of data and instantly detects dangerous attack characteristics.  Our analytics applies a patented approach to triage attacks and presents the organisation with actionable intelligence.

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