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Breakfast Briefing: How Innovative Companies Can Mitigate a Cyberattack

We hosted a Breakfast Briefing on 10th April at our office space, IDEALondon, which is a post-accelerator centre run by Cisco, UCL and EDF Energy.

We hosted the event alongside Avatu, one of our partners who advise their clients on cybersecurity and digital forensics.The title of the briefing was "How Innovative Companies Can Mitigate a Cyberattack", which we decided on, as we believe that innovators within organisations are the ones who manage to build a successful cyber resilience strategy.

Security is complex and ever-changing but learning about the latest in cybersecurity trends will help greatly with implementing a security strategy that protects your business.

Guests heard our three speakers discuss:

  • Common cyber threats and mitigations - Joe Jouhal, CEO, Avatu
  • Effective website protection - Stuart Laidlaw, CEO, Cyberlytic
  • Ransomware and avoiding becoming a victim, Darren Swift, Senior Engineer and Cyber Guru

Key takeaways:

  • Joe from Avatu emphasised that perimeter security is no longer a strong enough defence and that organisations need to use a layered security approach to mitigate risk.
  • Stuart from Cyberlytic highlighted that web-based attacks are increasing and resource constraints need to be addressed with security solutions that are automated with minimal maintenance required.
  • Darren highlighted the fact that when ransomware does hit, organisations should isolate compromised computers immediately and perform a forensic analysis.

We look forward to hosting more events like this. If you would like to be invited to the next one please get in touch via