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Free Intelligent website security for small business

Install advanced web security software free today. This is an exclusive offer for micro-SME businesses (10 or less employees).

  • Simple Cloud deployment
  • Advanced web application protection, powered by AI
  • Easy to use interface, “hands-off” security

Small businesses face the same overwhelming threats to their website as large ones but usually with less resources to fight them off.

Our software uses machine learning to detect and prioritise web threats, such as SQL injection (SQLia) and cross-site scripting (XSS). Now available completely free to micro-SME businesses!

Without dedicated information security staff, small businesses can benefit from Cyberlytic’s Profiler, as it takes away the worry of not knowing when and how your website is being attacked by hackers.

Install our software to connect with our cloud-hosted Profiler. You’ll be provided with full access to the real-time analytics, alert notifications and reports. All we ask for in return of this software, is that we can use your data to improve our services.

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